Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Support!

Thanks to Dan over at Most Valuable Network for his support for Scott (mentioned here), and Rox Girl from Purple Row for her support (here).
With injuries and whatnot current in the Rockies bullpen, maybe Scott will get his shot soon. Although I didn't think it would take an injury for him to get his chance.....

From Dan's site:

".....Send down David Cortes, call up Scott Dohmann. Dohmann may get a callup here soon anyway, but he shouldn’t be kept in the minors at the expense of guys like Cortes and Mike DeJean who aren’t going to help us win in 2006. Dohmann’s numbers have been solid at AAA this year. Though his ERA is 4.63, he’s keeping the ball in the ballpark (4 HR allowed in 35 IP) and his K/9 and K/BB (11.57 and 45/13, respectively) have been excellent. Why not give Dohmann some love and have him fill Cortes’s role as the fourth or fifth man out of the pen for now? (side note – big shouts to the Scott Dohmann Fan Site – my world is a better place knowing that this website exists as a tribute to a guy I’ve been rooting for since he got called up last year.)....."

From Rox Girl's site:

"......Unfortunately for Scott Dohmann, and for "Furl the Squirrel" who runs the Scott Dohmann fansite, the Rockies elected to call up Randy Williams from AAA to replace Jason Jennings instead of Scott. I know Furl and myself aren't alone in thinking that Dohmann was more deserving, but we aren't the ones making the call, either......"

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