Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This Season Can't Start Soon Enough

Here is just one of many articles with outlooks and guesses for the Rox lineup this season. As much as I hate to see Scott, Tara and Gavin go..... I cannot wait for Scott to make his mark.
I'm tired of seeing his name in the tail end of everyone's lineup. He had a rough start last year, yes. Just follow his stats through the season, after his comeback from AAA ball. He finished up as strong or stronger than most relievers in the club. Give him some respect!
Selfish, yes... a little. But now that football is ending (for my fantasy team, its over), and I can't stand to watch basketball... I need my yearly dose of baseball. I know I am not alone here. As long as I can squeeze another round of golf in with Scott before he leaves.........

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chrisd912 said...

yeah you right --wish i could play golf with him--went goose hunting and blew my shoulder out-shooting a cannon and missed--just like my golf game too long, too short, just plain bad