Monday, July 23, 2007


I didn't get to watch any sports this weekend on t.v., because I spent the whole time in my bathroom. Why, you ask? Food poisoning? Too much guacamole? No.... remodeling.
I have become very accustomed to copper pipes, flux, solder, shims, blow-in insulation and when to call a plumber. Here are two of my very own tips for painting a room:
1. If your wall still looks like poo after 5 coats of paint - put a 6th coat.
2. You are much less accurate with a paint roller after drinking alcohol (even if it was just 2 Heinekens).
So if you stumbled across this page while searching the internet for tips for painting a room, I'm sorry.

Anyway, on to baseball -

If you were a Devil Ray pitcher anywhere within 2 square miles of Yankee Stadium for the Sunday game, things pretty much ended up badly for you. Except for Glover, who seemed to have some sort of immunity to the beating, the pitching staff really took it on the chin:

At least the Rays were able to take one game against the Yankees, which seemed to wake the sleeping giant.
Play resumes Tuesday against Baltimore in Baltimore.

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