Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vintage Dohmann

,(photo is courtesy of had this article concerning Scott and his recent performances. I love the way the coaching staff is Scott's best friend now that he is doing well. Unlike the way they didn't want to touch him at the beginning of the season when he struggled and they questioned his ability to stay in the major leagues......... pffftt.

"....Learning from experience: Right-handed reliever Scott Dohmann entered Thursday's game with a runner on base and a 5-4 lead and walked the first two batters, Hee-Seop Choi and Jeff Kent, to load the bases. The situation almost certainly would have unraveled in April, when he gave up 14 earned runs in 6 2/3 innings and earned a demotion to Triple-A Colorado Springs.
However, Dohmann struck out Olmedo Saenz on a high fastball and Jayson Werth with a quality mix of fastballs and sliders to end the threat and propel himself into a more favorable position as the Rockies plan their future.
Dohmann said he was trying to be "too fine" at first on Thursday night, but simply decided to go after hitters in the strike zone with his fastball and slider. The aggressive approach fits the attitude Dohmann has had since returning from Colorado Springs eight appearances ago (0.93 ERA).
"I think, early on, I may have been thinking too much about the future, how things would turn out by the end of the season," Dohmann said. "It's tough, but now I realize that there's nothing I can do about the last game, nothing I can do about tomorrow. All I can control is one game at a time, one pitch at a time."
Apodaca said if this is a sign that Dohmann learned from his early-season struggles, they were worthwhile. It could also be a springboard to better work when Dohmann inherits runners. Before Thursday, five of eight men who were on base when he entered games had scored.
"Successes, we seem to take them for granted too many times," Apodaca said. "The stigma and the sting of failure seem to stay with us longer. I want him to remember it and why he wasn't competing before. Yesterday was very encouraging.
"This is answering questions for next year. In the next six weeks, people are going to be answering questions so we don't have to ask them in Spring Training, a very misleading time. It's important for us, as a staff and as an organization, to see Scotty under the gun like that, trying to hold a lead....."

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