Sunday, June 19, 2005

I Just Don't Understand

I've never run a Major League Baseball team. I've never coached one, either. I do, however watch baseball and know the difference between players who are good and players who are just on a hot streak. The key difference is: the good player will, over time, play well. The player on a hot streak will burn out after a period of time. Where am I going with this?
Scott played for the better part of the season last year with the Rockies. His numbers were not record breaking, but he did SET A RECORD for the team on a run of scoreless outings. Was it a hot streak? Perhaps. But that streak didn't define his season. He played steady ball with ups and downs, and the streak just happened to be part of his performance.
Jump forward to this year. Scott has a rough start. After 6 innings of work, he gets sent down to AAA. It happens! I've seen it before.... but the part that gets me is - every pitcher who was in AAA got sent up before Scott. That means that all of the experience from last season is just disregarded. These guys barely threw enough AAA ball to get seasoned, then they get put in the majors. So how can they be considered good players?
If the Rockies were winning games due to these pitchers being brought up, I would have to think that they were deserved their spot on the roster. But lets take a look at their record here. Very impressive! Pppllltttt!
Yea, Scott is family... so I tend to get a bit offended by the lack of respect he gets, but he is also more experienced than most of the guys getting put into the game. Gone after six innings of work? The bullpen was losing games??? I think we need to take a look at the stats for the pitchers here. Not one of the starters (as of today) has a winning record. You can't depend on the bullpen to win games if the starters can't hold the opposing team until at least the 5th inning....

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