Saturday, June 25, 2005

Scott Plows Ahead

Last night Scott threw 1.1 innings, giving up one hit while striking out three. His ERA is down to 4.81
Looking at these stats, it's clear that Scott's replacements have been less than stellar.
However, they are still allowed to throw more innings than Scott did. How long do you keep someone in AAA who is throwing better than the relievers in the Majors?
His HR's are down, his walks are down, his K's are up!
Oh yea, his 4.81 is lower than 8 pitchers on the Rockies' staff..... if Scott got sent down because of his statistics and is being held down this long, then pitchers like Kim and Kennedy shouldn't be allowed to touch a baseball. Look at those numbers! For starters??????

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TheCheetahDude said...

F'ing EH!