Wednesday, June 15, 2005


This is 1 of 2 fan sites for Scott Dohmann. He is a relief pitcher in the Colorado Rockies organization.
I put these sites up for 2 reasons:
(1)Scott is good at what he does. He deserves a place on the web.
(2)Louisiana needs a new baseball standout.

Oh, Scott is also my brother-in-law..... so, that has a little to do with it also.

I'll try and keep this site updated as often as I can. Feel free to write in, leave suggestions, etc.. as long as there are no vulgarities or flames involved.

Scott Dohmann Fan Site


TheCheetahDude said...

Go Scott Go!
Since you got sent down, the Rockies have went down the toilet!
Push for a trade to the Nats!

The Sneaky Cheetah

Mamacita said...

I would love to see Scott back in the Majors. But I would love to see him pitch anywhere he looks great in a baseball uniform!!!